How To Engage With Your Blog Readers

It’s the secret of every successful blog – getting repeat visitors that come back and visit your blog time and time again. Regular visitors that hang on to your every word and perceive you as an expert and authority source on the subject you’re writing about….

So how do you achieve this? How do you get repeat visitors and successfully engage with your blog readers?

Ultimately you need to give your blog posts some personality. If you can post genuinely useful information AND do it in an interesting way then you will secure the repeat visitors you’re looking for.

Years ago I remember my friend posting something on his blog about how he had completely messed up a launch email he was sending to his list. It was effectively a disaster story – a ‘how not to do it’ type blog post – and guess what? It got absolutely TONS of comments because people could relate to it.

Here are some top tips on how to engage with your blog readers and get repeat visitors:

Tell stories. People love posts about real life stuff. We are naturally nosy creatures and we want to know ‘gossip.’

Post about what has gone wrong. People love to read about your mistakes or little things that have gone wrong or which have happened to you.

Post about things which people can relate to. Find out the hopes and fears of your target audience and talk about them.

Post ‘how to’ guides. If it is juicy information it will definitely engage with your blog readers and secure those repeat visitors. Make your blog a great information resource.

Include videos and pictures. People love new media – and you only have to look at the success and popularity of the leading video websites to know that it is true.

Above all, post useful information and add in stories. If people know your blog is ‘real’ and not just simply an advertising site then you’ll get repeat visitors and they will love you.

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